Pink and Green in Regent's Park


My Outfit

Topshop Dress | Miu Miu Sunglasses | Steve Madden Sandals | Chanel Bag (also seen here and here)

Although we currently live in Wimbledon, chances are if I'm headed into central London, I'll probably also make a stop by my favorite place in the whole city, Regent's Park.

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, it's the spot I return to whenever I'm looking to clear my head or just need a breath of air.


It seems that so much time spent around the roses has begun to rub off on my wardrobe and I'm finding myself blending into this beautiful spot!

I've got a tendency to match my surroundings. Remember this Paris post and this Palm Springs one? I'm a creature of habit!


The dainty pink and green pattern of this dress looks like dappled light hitting the roses in some impressionist painting. This sort of pattern is called a ditsy print, but frankly, dappled sounds a little more elevated, doesn't it?


Even though it's got a mostly open back and a slit at the leg this dress is still easy to wear with its maxi length. I also love the movement of the flutter sleeves and back. Breezy in all the right ways! 


To highlight the pink parts of the pattern, I've paired the dress with blush sandals. A low heel is perfect for me—I can walk around all day, plus I don't tower over everyone I come across. I'm already 5'10"! 


My beloved pink quilted Chanel bag rounds out the look. I'm very precious about this bag as it's a reminder of one of my very best birthdays (read about that, here), but I'm trying to bring it out with me more and more.

Better to see and use it than have it hiding away in a closet, I think!


After wandering around the park (and discovering a hedge of David Austin roses—my favorite—on the way out) we headed towards Marylebone high street.

Nordic Bakery for mochas and cinnamon pastries followed by a browse of the Conran Shop (full of beautifully designed lifestyle pieces you never knew you needed) and Anthropologie (where I can always find something I fancy) make for a lovely central London Sunday.


So, am I the only one who tends to match their favorite spots (whether intended or not)? 

Until next time,

- Brenda