If you see me at a party or event this holiday season, I’ll probably be wearing this.

Bold color, playful pattern and sheer, voluminous sleeves that remind me of I Dream of Jeannie in the best possible way. I love wearing clothes that call to mind another era and this jumpsuit does just that with its shape, pattern and perfect detailing.

Yes, this is the jumpsuit of dreams!


Roses Are Red

Want to know a secret? Despite working with blooms and sharing photos of flowers on my feed, I almost never have them in the house! And if I do, they’re usually behind a closed door rather than proudly on display.

I blame our two mischievous cats who’ll chew on anything new that enters our home. So despite loving flowers, I really prefer my blooms on my sleeves. So of course I fell for this stunning dress:


A Curated List Of Items I’m Coveting (and Shopping) This Week:


Anyone else feel like this month has flown by?

With a trip to Portugal, plus out of town visitors and plenty of items on my to-do list, November’s been a busy one. Each month a few new beauty products seem to find their way into my routine and become firm favorites. This month they all seem to be products that help me achieve a polished but natural look with ease.

Here are my most-loved products in November:


Aside from my outfit, of course!

When we travel, we always create a map beforehand, listing all the places we’d like to visit. It’s incredibly helpful to can group activities by area, which allows us to use our time in any given city more efficiently. But pins on a map don’t prepare you for how things will be once you’re in the country.

With our trip to Sweden, I was so pleasantly surprised by just how beautiful everything was and wanted to share those special spots that stood out (and make for a pretty picture too):


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