A Vegan Girls' Weekend to Paris

Lindsay and I are fast friends from work and have our own dinner club - LINDA (for Lindsay and Brenda, of course) and this trip to Paris was a celebration of our tenth outing. Yes, our dinner club's occasionally indulgent - and that's the point! 

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How To Clean A Diptyque Candle

Want to know how all those cool girls go from Diptyque candle to cute glass makeup brush container? All it takes is hot water and a smidge of elbow grease - really!


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Pink, Purple and Petals

If I were to give an award for prettiest season, spring is easily the winner, especially in London. Just as the pretty pink cherry blossoms are starting to fall off the trees, the purple wisteria begins to bloom. And my favorite place to find both?



2018 Resolutions

I've found that the points in my life that have been full of change have been where I've grown the most. Change - planned or not - is transformative, and almost always in a good way. So here's to some more planned changes, in the form of New Year's resolutions.


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