Despite just how baffling the news might be, I think it’s good to stay abreast of stories that might affect me or my community and what’s going on worldwide. Here’s my routine for checking the news and my go-to sources for stories.

And don’t worry, I’m also giving details on this outfit, it’s how I do casual—a little bit extra!


I knew Tokyo would be a cool city, but it’s coolness far surpassed my expectations. People here are chic. So are the buildings. And of course the pockets of green spaces found within the city are a sight to behold, especially during cherry blossom season.

Here are my seven favorite spots to get that perfect Instagram snap…or better yet, just revel in the beauty that is Tokyo:


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A Curated List Of Items I’m Coveting (and Shopping) This Week:


Quite some time ago (we’re talking years!), I started this series, called ‘Latest Obsessions.’ It’s a place where I can note down a few things that I’m intensely loving this moment and share them with you.

Here’s what I can’t get enough of this month:


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wearing some version of this outfit on repeat, as I find it’s a simple, but sophisticated look that can take me to any number of places and situations.

For everyday life, I love to dress in a way that’s elevated but still and comfortable and below, I’ve broken down my secrets to easy sophistication!