The Flower Petal Confetti Fields

Ever since spying these flower confetti fields of flowers on Instagram two years ago, I've been itching to go.

I love how a beautiful spot can bring together so many people (and bring out so many smiles). It's always worth seeking out places, people and things that make you happy. How perfect when I can find all three in one field!

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Celebrating The Fourth of July In London

I love living in London, but I do miss celebrating certain holidays. I'm lucky though to have made a number of American friends and it's nice to still carry on those traditions with them.

One of the things I love doing each year? Getting decked out in red, white and blue. Here are my tips for Fourth of July dressing, wherever in the world you're celebrating it!

kaboompics_Roses of Bulgaria.jpg

Blooms at Kenwood House

Sometimes you happen upon places that just take your breath away—this display of rhododendrons was one of those spots.

It was doubly special for me. I'm a firm lover of all things floral, but secondly, rhododendrons are the state flower of Washington (where I'm from), so it felt like being right at home (while still in the city of London). I first spotted these stunners on Instagram and knew that I needed to find them!



10 Reasons I love Blogging

The idea for this post was just a nice list of reasons why I love to work on this blog, but as I began writing, I realized that this little spot on the internet has really impacted my life in such a positive way. What began as a simple list, but has inadvertently turned into a fairly personal post.

I hope that you finish this feeling like you know me a bit better and maybe feeling a bit inspired too.

Photos by Joe Galvin via The Cambridge Satchel Company


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