Beach Day in Brighton

A beach day in Brighton, England - Madewell headliner sunglasses, Essie ballet shoes polish, J.Crew striped shirt

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After hearing so much about Brighton from friends, my husband and I decided that a visit to the seaside town was in order. This morning, we caught an early train from London and were greeted by typical English summer weather - grey skies and a bit too much wind!

Striped beach chairs in Brighton, England

Although the sun only came out a few times and my hair was a tad wind-blown, it was still a warm day so we made the most of it! A short ten minute walk took us from the train station to the center of the town, where we stopped for a coffee and croissant pick-me up and then proceeded to the waterfront.

Braving the wind in brighton, wearing white red, white and blue.

The big draw is Brighton Pier, but I found the beach, which is dotted with the most charming striped deck chairs, more to my taste. The chairs aren't free and we didn't happen to have any coins, so we admired them through our lenses.

A beach day in Brighton, England.
Wearing red, white and blue for a morning in Brighton, England.
Prada bag and Madewell headliner sunglasses.

For this trip, I of course wanted to coordinate with the chairs, so I wore a red, white, and blue striped tee (my go-to summer color combination). This outing also gave me a chance to break out some new sandals from Target picked up on a recent trip to the US (a store that seriously needs to come to the UK!). Tortoise shell sunnies and my white crossbody Prada bag (hands-free and perfect for traveling) complete the look.

Wind-blown hair, don't care.

We ended up walking a bit closer to the water and sitting on the rocks (atop our jackets, of course) while admiring the views and feeling the breeze. No matter if it's warm or cold, sunny or rainy, I always find that watching the water clears my mind and puts a smile on my face.

Beach day.

With our hectic lives and often mismatched work schedules, it's always a treat to spend a morning with my husband just sitting and talking and the backdrop of Brighton Beach made it even more special. After the wind started to pick up a bit more, we looked at the forecast and saw rain, so we packed up and were back in London by midday.

A close-up of the charming striped beach chairs on Brighton Beach.
Admiring the views at Brighton Beach wearing red, white and blue.

We really count ourselves so lucky that we live in a city where we can easily take day or morning trips like this. It is always so refreshing to get away and take time to explore a new place, which opens our minds to new things while also making us appreciate all that we have.

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- B