Dressing for your Destination

Wandering around Seville, Spain with a sunset orange saddle bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company | Sundays and Somedays

My Outfit

The Cambridge Satchel Company Saddle Bag c/o | Mango Dress | Castañer Espadrilles via Net-a-Porter | Le Specs Sunglasses

Not only is it practical, but it’s also very fun to tailor your outfit to your destination when traveling.  Just as I plan where we’ll eat, stay and go on a trip, I also try to plan what I’ll be bringing with me, sometimes weeks in advance! 

I'm always inspired by the places I'm able to travel to, and that really reflects in the outfits I choose to bring along (and the pieces I purchase during the trip)! It's exciting to try new colors that I'd not normally wear at home and new brands from that particular place too!


When choosing pieces to pack, here are three things that I think about when dressing for the city we’ll be traveling to:

Is it weather appropriate?

This one is fairly important—always check the weather before beginning to pack! A few weeks ahead of time (but usually at the point of booking the trip), I look at average temperatures, humidity and rainfall to give me a general idea of the climate (and to see if there are any things I'll need to get, like a rain jacket or special footwear). On the day of packing, I check the forecast again for a more specific look of what it’ll be like the days we’ll be there. 


Seville is in the southern part of Spain, so I knew it would be hot! Cue shorter hemlines and breathable fabrics, like linen and cotton. It's also worth considering if you'll be spending time indoors if you'll be going to a warmer locale—air conditioning can quickly make a room too chilly, so it's good to bring a light layer or two.


Side note: while an outfit might be weather appropriate, it's also good to make sure it's culturally appropriate. Research the destination (and any specific sites you'll be visiting, like churches) to determine if you need to bring some more modest options, like maxi-length skirts or tops and scarves that cover your shoulders. It's so important to be respectful of the people and customs of the places we have the opportunity to travel to!


Is it walkable?

Even if it only applies to footwear, this is possibly the most important question! I’ve been on too many trips where my shoes have been cute, but have left me miserable (and therefor spending all-important time looking for a new pair rather than enjoying my trip). I adore these espadrilles because not only are they very on-trend, I was also able to walk around all day in them. The wedge heel is comfortable and makes it easy to traverse even the cobbled streets of Seville. I'm also a much more pleasant travel companion when my feet aren't hurting!


Does it capture the spirit of the location?

Seville is a stunning city full of beautiful buildings, amazing tile work and countless citrus trees. Knowing this, I thought I’d make a nod to the orange trees and colorful tiles with my handbag. The Cambridge Satchel Company was kind enough to provide me with the perfect Sunset Saddle Bag for our trip.

I love the bold orange hue and of course the crossbody strap makes it practical and street-smart for wandering around. I’d normally choose a black or blue bag, but I love how the striking orange color echoes all the stunning sights of Seville—be it the bold bougainvillea or the intricate tiles of the Palacio de las Dueñas, here.


I also wanted to add a bit of Spain to my look by pairing the bag with two of my favorite Spanish brands. Castañer make the best espadrilles in terms of comfort and quality and I’ve gotten so much use of this neutral pair (but I’m itching to get a second set too—perhaps pink?). This dress from Mango, who I turn to for trendy pieces, is an unexpected favorite of mine with its flippy hemline and fun print.


And since I’m always traveling with just carry on luggage, there’s one more bonus question I ask when packing. (an old habit from growing up with a pilot dad—we’d usually be flying stand-by, where it’s easy to become separated from a checked bag!).

Does it match at least a few other things I’m packing?

This Mango dress with its spots easily went with black, orange, red and cream, so I used it as a starting off point for the rest of my packing. All the other items I brought with me incorporated at least one of these colors. It makes getting dressed for each day simple and means that my suitcase will definitely fit into that overhead bin (and still have room for a few souvenirs on the way back!). 


Until next time,

- Brenda