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Extra, extra! The other day I said this over on Instagram:

“Me, during this Brexit madness:

Wakes up.

Checks the news.

Is endlessly confused.

Goes back to bed.”

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Despite just how baffling the news might be, I think it’s good to stay abreast of stories that might affect me or my community and to know what’s going on worldwide. So many conversations in work or afterwards can revolve around current events, so keeping up with news means that I can not only keep up with any conversation, but be able to add my own informed option too. Here’s my routine for checking the news and my go-to sources for stories:

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Here’s what I check in the morning:

The Guardian

Before I get out of bed, I like to look at the news before checking Instagram and then finally getting up to feed the cats! The Guardian is the first website I visit as I like how their site is laid out, with a large section that details the top story (recently it’s been some new Brexit madness each day), followed by the headlines from around the world. In about a minute, I can get a good grasp of what’s going on and if there are any new, big stories that I’d like to delve into further.


Usually, after reading the headlines and their blurbs on The Guardian, I make my way to the BBC. Each morning, they have a link for ‘what you need to know in five minutes’ which is essentially a brief on the top stories, plus a lookahead for the day (like at what time the next Brexit chaos—sorry, discussion—is supposed to happen)


And the last stop for morning news is CNN for a look at what’s happening back in the states. I’ll admit, their headlines can be fairly dramatic (also bolded and red), but I like to get a US take on the top headlines, since I am American, after all. In all, reading the news takes no more than five or so minutes in the morning!

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During the day:


Yes, good ‘ol Twitter. I try to generally not get too pulled into Twitter, but when I have a few spare moments, I do have a scroll through my home feed. I follow people in the social media and blogging industry, so if something important has happened in that sphere, it’s usually being talked about and helps to keep me up to date.

I also follow a few publications, like Vanity Fair, Stylist and Glamour, so I get a little feel of pop culture as well, which is always a bit more cheerful than any political or economic news!

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Here’s what I check in the evening:

Pocket Hits

I subscribe to Pocket Hits, and each evening they send out their picks for the best articles of the day via email. These are usually longer reads and perfect for the evening commute or to read as I relax after dinner. They choose from a wide variety of publications and there are always at least a few articles worthy of a long-read!

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Now, about these *articles* of clothing:

Jeans and a t-shirt. An outfit I almost never wear, but here’s how I do it my way: adding some (extra) extras. It’s how I do a casual weekend look

Aside from the way I speak, peppered with likes and slang, I’ve never been good at being casual.

My emails are always formal, I’m never quite sure how to look relaxed (or relax), and I’m always the least casually dressed at a casual restaurant. I equate casual dressing to comfy dressing, and this outfit is as comfortable as it gets (well, unless we’re counting pajamas or sweatpants!), while still being me.

I snagged these jeans on sale last time I was in Seattle and I cannot stress enough how much I love them! They’ve got a bit of give, a cute (and easy to wear) high waist and an on-trend raw hem crop. So essentially, they’ve got it all. Add a versatile grey sweatshirt and you’ve got the base of a cute, casual look.

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Since I’m all about adding a little (extra) extra, I add some finishing touches that give the look a little bit of my personality. These silver flats have become a staple since getting them for our anniversary party in January. I love the shine they add and they happen to be butter-soft and easy to walk all day in!

A bold blazer, oversized sunnies, jeweled hair bow and my go-to bag, all in black, make for a look that’s simply newsworthy—sorry, just cannot resist a pun!

Until next time,


(p.s. That’s Briony of A Girl, A Style in a couple of the photos—you can find her blog, one of my favorites, here)

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