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Latest Obsessions - Topshop, Forever Friendships and Bold Lashes | Sundays and Somedays

Forever friendships | Studying abroad in China during college, I had the absolute best roommates I could have asked for. Even though we've since graduated and moved to different states, we always make a point to meet up every summer. I'm so lucky to have these ladies in my life!

Ending the day with chamomile tea | I had quite the cold earlier this month (hence the lack of posting!) and the only thing that seemed to soothe my throat was chamomile tea. I'm no longer sick, I've continued the evening ritual of enjoying a cup of tea, as it is a relaxing way to end my day. 

Classic architectural details | I've always lived in new construction apartments, but for our move to London I'm really hoping to find a flat with historic charm. Whether the building itself is charming or the apartment has historic details, I'd love to rent a place that really makes me feel like I'm living in London.

Satin for evening | With fall just around the corner, I'm excited to wear fabrics that are just too luxe for summer. This bright satin dress from Topshop would be perfect for a night on the town!

Finding a fun gym in London | Moving to a new country will be an exciting adventure, but the truth is I won't know anybody when we first arrive. I'm hoping to find a gym with great classes (hopefully spinning!) where I can meet new people.

Reformation clothing | I hadn't heard about Reformation until I spied one of their dresses on Pinterest. I almost wish I hadn't clicked through to the website because now I want almost every item of clothing in their line! 

Borrowing a puppy! | Last month, I revealed my obsession with adopting a Dalmatian. It's really an impractical idea given that we live in a small apartment and already have two cats. That's why I was so excited to see that borrowing a puppy is an actual thing! The dog gets a fun day of being walked and petted and I get to spend time with a cute Dalmatian. Win win!

Daydreaming | When I was little, I remember the fun of getting lost in a daydream. Why not set aside a little time to do just that nowadays?

Bold brows and lashes | I need to learn how to recreate this look stat! I love the bold eyes paired with a more neutral lip for a bit of easy glamour.

Striped kitchen linens | I've had the same kitchen towels since college (an odd birthday gift from my parents - were they trying to tell me something?). I've finally gone about replacing them with these striped ones from IKEA. 

Just about everything from Topshop | I'm obsessed! I love that Nordstrom carries the line, as I absolutely adore their dresses. I'm excited to visit an actually brick and mortar store when we move to London. Sorry in advance, credit cards!

Until next time,

- B