A London Update

Champagne Truffles at Liberty London

As you can see from my updated about page, we've arrived in London! And as you can see from the photo above, I've already made a trip to Liberty London for some pink truffles!

I'll admit that the posting lately has been a bit sporadic, as moving across an ocean is anything but simple! In lieu of an outfit or travel post, I thought I'd share some updates about our life here in London.

We're apartment hunting! | Since we arrived last week, we've been staying in temporary housing. With two cats, a temporary place isn't ideal, so we're anxiously looking for a permanent flat here in the city. We saw several places this week, but none were quite right for us, so the search continues!

We're planning trips! | One of the main reasons we decided to make to move to London was to have a base from which to explore the rest of Europe (and beyond) on weekends. Next month, we're planning to visit to Scotland and hopefully Italy as well - stay tuned for updates!

We have no furniture! | As I write, our furniture is on a boat somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean. Our temporary housing is furnished, but once we find an apartment, we'll be needing to purchase an aerobed and some folding chairs until our things arrive to their new home. Is that considered 'glamping?'

I'm planning blog posts! | Wandering around London, I'm so inspired and am already planning out posts and thinking about future content. I'd say Sundays and Somedays is fairly fashion-focused, but in the future, I'm hoping to add more and more travel content to the blog as well! Look out for some fun outfit posts featuring some pretty London locales soon!

Just wanted to check in!

Until next time,

- B