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Latest Obsessions - Dalmatians, Glamping, M.Gemi and More | Sundays and Somedays

Adopting a Dalmatian | Every pet I've ever owned has been black and white (I grew up with a black cat and two tuxedo cats along with a silver wyandotte hen and currently, my husband and I have two black cats), so it makes sense in mind my that if I were to adopt a dog, it would be a Dalmation! 

The details on this dress | I'm loving shift dresses lately (seen here and here) and adore the details on this one from Anthropologie. The white collar, sheer top and bright lace are an unexpected combination that I love.

My husband's photo skills | To put it simply, thank you!

Front Roe and other book buys | I recently ordered Louise Roe's book as well as Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. I haven't done too much reading lately and I'm looking forward to these as I've only heard positive things about these ladies!

M.Gemi shoes | I purchased these flats in blue, and though they were a little on the expensive side, I'm so impressed! The quality and comfort (not to mention the amazing customer service - I ordered a wrong size and the return process was a breeze) is on point.

Planning a 'glamping' trip in the English countryside | On my first ever trip to Europe, my grandma brought my sister, mom, and I to London. I have such fond memories of visiting both the city as well as some countryside sights, one being Leeds Castle. We're moving to London in about a month and I'm already planning a weekend excursion to go glamping on the estate!

Learning to say 'no' | I have a problem. If you ask me to do something that I don't have any interest in, i'll say 'maybe,' 'let me check with so and so,' or any other combination of words that don't include 'no.' It's called to Seattle No (read more here and here) and I'm trying my best to actually say what I mean, rather than provide an ambiguous answer. 

Planning weekend trips to Paris | ...and other locales! After dinner a couple weeks ago, my husband and I wrote a list of all the places we'd like to visit while we're living in Europe. A few places on our list: revisiting Paris, seeing the tulips in Holland, and spending some time in Iceland.

My cats' obsession with this Chanel flower | This flower was once on my Chanel box, but then the cats decided it was theirs and bit it off. I finally gave in and let them have it because they just look so proud (and chic!) carrying it around the apartment.

Perfecting the flatlay | I had fun creating a flatlay for this post, so lately I've been playing around with household objects and clothes to shoot some more. I love how these red lace-up flats from Topshop just pop in the photo.

This wallpaper! | Maybe this goes along with my Dalmation obsession, but I just think this spotted print is perfect! If I could wallpaper my walls, I'd definitely go with a bold print like this!

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- B