May in Photos

May in Photos - Pink, Peonies, Cats and Lily for Target | Sundays and Somedays

A new favorite polish color and a coordinating Lilly for Target find | Cocoa giving the new pink pillow his paw of approval | Just a touch of pink on this white neighborhood rose

Pretty Tella | My favorite blog post from last month featuring a few of my Paris purchases | Cat selfie (Celfie?)

Conducting a b. patisserie taste test (which is really just an excuse to eat all my favorite treats!) | Even old peonies are stunning | Pierre Hermé macarons all the way from London

May in Photos - Blue Skies, Flowers, and Greece | Sundays and Somedays

Up in the air flying into Seattle | Reunited with my Lilly for Target purchases - this giraffe print shift dress is adorable! | I adore flamingos, so of course I'm obsessed with this Kate Spade window display

Flower or snowball? | More pretty flowers blooming in my parents' garden | Simon enjoying the warm Seattle sunshine

Exploring the Acropolis on our first evening in Greece | Breathtaking history and bright blue skies | Platamonus castle in Northern Greece

May in Photos - Greek Beaches, Pink Petals and Olive Trees | Sundays and Somedays

Just a tourist | Photogenic beach umbrellas lining the Aegean shores | Wild red poppies blooming along the roadside in Agiokampos

The clearest blue waters I ever did see | Bright bougainvillea vines adorning our hotel on the island of Skiathos | Front row seats to watch an airplane take off - holy wind!

Blue skies and olive trees - quintessential Greece | Skiathos Town | Whitewashed walls and blue shutters 

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