Hey, It's Okay...

Hey, it's okay if you'd rather eat macarons in bed than tour the Louvre | Sundays and Somedays

Does anyone else love the 'Hey, It's Okay...' page in Glamour Magazine as much as I do? If you haven't seen or read it, it basically shares some funny truths and tells you not to feel so bad about them. After some silly memories from our trip to Paris, I was inspired to create a few of my own! So, here goes:

Hey, it's okay...

If you'd rather eat macarons in your hotel room than tour the Louvre.

To go back for a second croissant.

To use the exchange rate as an excuse to upgrade your water to champagne (you don't want to lose money on this deal!).

To not follow the guidebook and plan your trip according to what you want, even if that means all your plans revolve around Ladurée.

If you save money by flying coach in the budget airline, only to spend those savings at Chanel. Absolutely worth it. 

Do you have any 'hey it's okay' moments? I'd love to hear!

Until next time,

- B