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Latest Obsessions - This month, I'm all about blush pink - Maje dresses, David Austin roses and sparkly Miu Miu flats | Sundays and Somedays

Blush pink | As you can clearly see, this is my new favorite color and it's adding a touch of brightness to both my home (in the form of pillows) and wardrobe (see the silky tee below). Love!

Topshop Striped Dress | I love the combination of white, black and blush pink. This dress would be perfect for the coming warmer months.

Yes Way Rosé | A good life mantra, if you ask me!

Anything and everything Maje | This dress now lives in my closet, but perhaps I'll add this blush pink number as well

This pretty pink desktop wallpaper | I adore each one of these Sugar Paper wallpapers, but the pale pink and gold heart is my favorite and currently adorns my desktop

Silky Tee | I picked up this tee in blush pink from J.Crew and love it! For me, it's a stepping stone to a more colorful wardrobe (have I mentioned how many black and grey clothes I own?)

Pale pink roses | This little bouquet of spray roses makes me smile. 

These Miu Miu flats | Bows + sparkly jewels + blush pink = perfection

London and Paris | This wallpaper from Anthropologie is so adorable and whimsical! 

This Chloé bag is everything | So this bag is pretty much sold out everywhere. That's probably a good thing for my credit card!

Happy birthday! | I know I talked about my favorite birthday cake alternatives earlier this month, but if I were to have cake, I'd want it to look just like this! 

Until next time,

- B