10 Things I'm Taking to Tulum

10 Things I'm Taking to Tulum, Mexico | Sundays and Somedays

Today's the beginning of a beautiful... series: Ten Things. Every so often, I'll pull together ten of my favorite finds from around the web—sometimes themed, like today, and sometimes not.

For the first edition, I'm talking ten things I'm packing in my suitcase for our upcoming trip to Tulum, Mexico. I couldn't be more excited for some sunshine and I'm counting down the days until we get to go. Until then, I'm planning what I'll be wearing.

I nearly never check a bag, so I try to really think about my outfits ahead of time, ensuring that all the pieces I bring coordinate with one another. Here I've gone with a chic black and white theme, with bamboo and straw accents, plus one standout dress.

Have a early bird peek at my looks, below:

Breezy Blouse


It will be very hot when we're in Tulum. Being a native Seattleite and a new Londoner, that's going to be a shock to the system. Sun? What is that?

That's why I'm bringing breezy blouses like this Zara one - the longer sleeves keep me covered from the sun while the loose fit and open lacework allow for plenty of breathability. 

Bonus? White goes with just about everything - perfect for packing that carry-on.

Image credit: Zara

Image credit: Zara

Image credit: Selfridges

Image credit: Selfridges

Timeless Shades


Now, I haven't yet bought these shades, but they're on my birthday wish list, so fingers crossed I'll have them for the trip.

I'm never without some sunnies and I can't wait to add these to my collection.

Why this pair in particular? I love the gold details, and the classic 'Clubmaster' shape mean that they'll go with just about any outfit I put on. Plus, they'll stay in style for years and years to come, making them well worth the price tag.

Don't they also look a little like Meghan Markle's style?



Striped Mules

Image via Sam Edelman

I've said it before, but Sam Edelman is my go-to for shoes. I've bought and loved their 'Gigi' sandals for years (and worn them anywhere from China to Italy to out and about in London).

I've been eyeing this pair for some time—I love the slight heel and the mule shape. They'll perfect for meandering around the resort (and I'm sure I'll get plenty of use of them here in London too).

Oh, Sam, you've done it again. Here, have all my money.

Image credit: Shopbop

Image credit: Shopbop

Image credit: COS

Image credit: COS

White One-Piece


I think there is something so chic about a simple, white one-piece swimsuit. It always brings to mind the fifties and sixties and screen icons like Elizabeth Taylor.

A couple years back I bought a pink two-piece from COS and it's remained a favorite—I think this white one will be too.

What I love about a one-piece is that after swimming or sunbathing, you can just throw on a pair of shorts and it can double as a top if you want to go out and about. Easy.

Statement Earrings


After seeing similar earrings all across my Instagram feed, I decided to jump on the trend bandwagon and get a pair of my own. I mean, isn't Mexico just the perfect place to try this trend?

I think so.

I love this pair with the delicate beads and slightly shimmering petals—they look almost like seashells, which will be so fitting for the destination.

I bought these in white, but they also come in a stunning blue color too.

Image credit: Baublebar

Image credit: Baublebar

Image credit: Free People

Image credit: Free People

Easy Evening Dress

Free People

When you're someplace that's warm and humid, but still want to look slightly elevated, a draped dress is the perfect solution.

This one is a little more casual than what I'd normally wear out to dinner, but it's fitting for the relaxed city we'll be in.

This is the one place where I've deviated from my black and white theme. It's a little bit special with the bold fucscia embroidery.

Paired with simple jewelry and maybe a bold lip, this will be my go-to for evenings out in Tulum.

This one also comes in white and yellow which I think would be perfect for Spain (where we'll be going after Mexico!).

Linen Trousers


If there's one fabric that's made for warm weather, it's linen.

While it does wrinkle fairly easily (don't dare wear it on the airplane ride over!), nothing beats linen's breathability.

I'm not someone who normally wears linen, but I know that with the hot temps we'll be expecting, I had better be prepared.

I love this pair in particular as it has the bow detail for a belt—they feel a bit more femenine (and a bit more me).

Image credit: H&M

Image credit: H&M

Image credit: ASOS

Image credit: ASOS

Bamboo Bag


I love that Cult Gaia bag that every style blogger owns. But I just couldn't stomach that price tag for a bamboo bag.

And then along came this little lookalike from ASOS. I immediately bought it and can tell I'll be getting quite a lot of use out of it.

Similar curves to the Cult Gaia classic at a price that doesn't put too much of a dent in my wallet. 

I will be wanting to spend plenty of money on margaritas, of course. Priorities, right?

Striped Playsuit


I love playsuits... on other people. This is one, though, fits my style. It doesn't show too much skin plus the tie defines the waist.

I think it'll look striking against the palm tree and sand backdrops of Mexico, plus it's something I'd definitely wear on a warm day back home in London.

When shopping for upcoming trips, I try to look for versatile pieces that'll last me long after in addition to some fun resort wear.

Image credit: Warehouse

Image credit: Warehouse

Image credit: ASOS

Image credit: ASOS

Straw Hat


If you need me in Tulum, you'll probably find me on the beach, covering my face with this hat, a la Indiana Jones. I love sunbathing, but I don't know how people can do it without something - sunglasses, a hat or both (in my case) covering their eyes!

I rarely wear hats —it's hard to find one that works with a full set of bangs, like I have. I lucked out here—this hat sits perfectly on my head and my hair actually looks really great with it on. 

This is something that won't fit in my suitcase, but I'll be more than happy to carry it on the plane with me.


What would you pick for your suitcase? 

Until next time,

- B