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Reformation Dress | Lulu Frost Plaza Collection Necklace | Strathberry Bag | Boden Shoes

Or alternate title, “All Reds”—but I figure not everyone’s as obsessed with obscure Ocean’s 11 references as I am.

January can be a bit of a dreary and drab month. All the Christmas decorations are put away, the weather is generally gloomy and there are no holidays to get excited about. So when February arrives, I’m ready to throw myself into the new month and get decked out in some color—namely red!

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I think for the first time in a while, I’m actually really excited about Valentine’s Day. The past several years, I worked in the flower world and we’d prepare for the holiday months in advance and the week leading up to the big day was a red rose-filled blur. I’d much prefer to take that time and energy and put it towards making a positive impact on the people close to me who I love.

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This year I plan to really get into the spirit. Treating myself to chocolate truffles (these are my current obsession), making time to see all of my favorite Galentines, spending time with my Valentine and of course wearing plenty of red.

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This dress is an absolute dream. I’d been eyeing for quite a while and when I was in Seattle last month, I was able to snag it on sale. Reformation is an LA-based brand that makes beautifully cut dresses and tops. They’re also really focused on sustainability, which is so important and something I’m trying to consider more and more when it comes to buying clothes. And you gotta love their motto, “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.”

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The simplicity of this dress means that I’m able to play around with accessories, and speaking of sustainability, I chose to pair it with a couple of items I’ll be keeping indefinitely. This little bag was the sweetest Christmas gift from my husband and it’s the perfect piece for a date night. It holds just the essentials and isn’t it oh-so-cute?

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Keeping with the sentimental theme is this necklace.I love marking special moments with pieces that I’ll cherish forever and that bring back memories whenever I see (or wear) them.

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It took me quite a bit of searching until I found the perfect piece for our fifth anniversary, but knew this Lulu Frost necklace was the one as soon as I set my eyes on it! The little 5 (which is a replica of the room numbers from New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel) is the sweetest subtle nod to our anniversary.

It’s amazing to think about all that has happened in the past five years and each time I wear this necklace, I’m reminded of all the good times.

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I suppose it’s fitting that I pair my romantic red dress with a couple of special pieces that remind me of my #1 Valentine.

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