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Quite some time ago (we’re talking years!), I started this series, called ‘Latest Obsessions.’ It’s a place where I can note down a few things that I’m intensely loving this moment and share them with you. Here’s what I can’t get enough of this month:

The print on this Rixo dress | Aptly named ‘Monet’ this print has an almost impressionist feel, plus the combination of black and blue makes accessorizing a breeze.

Bronde | Or is it honey? Beige? Whatever the case, I love this soft, almost iridescent shade of hair color. I’ve had dark brown hair almost all my life, so maybe it’s time to try something new?

Taking some time away from the screen | If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed my serious lack of being on Instagram. While I love sharing photos and messaging friends, I also find that if I spend too much time scrolling, I can feel a bit down. So recently, I’ve started using the screen time limit setting (to cut down on Instagram and just about all other non-essential apps) and unfollowing any account that doesn’t make me feel good. I’ve already noticed a difference in my mental health and have found myself trying some more creative pursuits—this tulip drawing has even prompted me to order my own art supplies to try something similar!

I will travel here | Doesn’t this just look like someplace out of a dream? After some quick searching, I discovered that it’s the Greek island of Milos and I’m determined to travel here at one point or another.

Reliving our trip to Japan through photos | Long after we’ve landed back at Heathrow, I still feel like I’m transported back to Japan whenever I go through our photos. I’m currently writing up everything we did in Tokyo and Kyoto and the process of narrowing down and editing photos for that post has felt like little trip back to that corner of the world. This isn’t one of my own photos, but from an account I love for city photography inspiration.

This swimsuit for summer | I’ve never spent much on swimwear (it’s hard to justify spending much on something I wear maybe twice a year, only to then expose it to chlorine, sunshine and sloppy SPF application), but this suit might just be worth it. Will I get it? We’ll see. But in the meantime, I’ll stay utterly obsessed.

Pink cut glass barware | Specific? Yes. Gorgeous? Also yes.

The perfect, budget-friendly flat | I saw it, I liked it, I wanted it, I bought it. Usually with shoes, I have to forgo that last bit, but not these that came in under £20.

Irises | Seeing these spring flowers start to appear on flower stands and sprout from the ground makes me so happy. My grandma had a painting of irises in her dining room. Anytime I see these blooms, I think back to all the wonderful times we had around the dinner table in that room.

And anemones too | If I see a bunch at the store, I’ll always buy them. I love seeing them begin as a tight little bud and open into a gloriously large bloom with an indigo center.

This kitchen | The marble. The oversized light. The bright white walls. The open shelving. It’d be a dream kitchen without that light blue island, but the addition gives personality and makes me officially obsessed.

Decorating with light blues | Most rooms in our house lack any sort of color (it’s all very greige), so I’m really eyeing some pale blue pieces, like these pillows, to bring those blue spring skies indoors.

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