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Latest Obsessions for May | Sundays and Somedays

This Aerie one-piece | The print on this swimsuit reminds me of a Gray Malin beach photo (an artist I'm obsessed with), so of course I love it...unfortunately it's currently sold out!

The search for the perfect beach bag | I really don't have a proper beach bag, so I either haphazardly carry all my poolside needs in my hands or tote them in a leather bag, which gets too hot to handle after about two minutes in the sun! This one is cute, but I also love the options Target has right now too!

Blue flowers | Not the book (cue bad high school required reading memories!), but the plants! These are delphinium, but my favorites will always be forget-me-nots.

Being beachside | One morning, during our recent trip to Greece, I took my beach chair, parked right on the shore, dug my feet into the sand, and felt the gentle waves roll in and out. A very restorative couple of hours in the sun.

Anything and everything Maje | I think Maje should actually be categorized as a constant obsession! I love the fit (perfect for us girls who are a little smaller up top) and quality of their dresses and every time they release a new collection, I find at least two or three pieces I can't stop thinking about! 

Le Specs sunnies | I recently purchased a pink pair (last seen here) and I am so happy with them. The solid quality and original style has me wishing for more pairs!

Oversized necklaces currently at J.Crew | While I typically gravitate towards more delicate jewelry, I love the floral motifs and white and gold coloring of these pieces.

Mews! | In addition to being a sound a cat makes, mews are stables that have been converted into housing in some neighborhoods of London. Typically set on quiet, cobbled side streets, these houses are simply darling. I'd like to hop across the pond, husband and two cats in tow, and take up residence in one...perhaps we will!

Finding a remedy for jet lag | I seriously am the worst at dealing with jet lag! It's been a week since I returned from Greece and I still find myself falling asleep at 7:00 pm waking up at 3:00 am. It's no fun! If you have any tips, please let me know!

This haircut | Okay, so this is actually a screenshot from J.Crew's website. They were trying to sell a dress, but they have me sold on this cut instead!

Cocktails from film and literature | I love this graphic from Mental Floss featuring the most iconic signature drinks of your favorite characters, from Don Draper to Holly Golightly. 

Until next time,

- B