Five Birthday Cake Alternatives

A Party Without Cake Is Just A Meeting - Or Is It? - 5 Birthday Cake Alternatives | Sundays and Somedays

Or is it? Now, I think on your birthday, you should eat what you want to - and for me, that's not always cake. Growing up, my sister and I would always get to pick the dessert we'd like for our birthday - she'd choose lemon cake and I'd almost always insist on blackberry pie. It was a special dessert to me because we'd use the blackberries we picked in our yard the previous summer and my mom or grandma would bake the pie. While blackberry pie will always hold a special place in my heart, as I've gotten older I like to explore other options too. Here are five alternatives to cake that I'd be happy to eat on my birthday or any day!

1. Blackberry Pie | If you've never tried blackberry pie, you're missing out. Pair with vanilla ice cream (homemade if you can swing it!) and you have a delicious dessert that just tastes like summer. 

2. Donut 'Cake' | Most people who know me understand that I'm a little obsessed with donuts. Is there anything cuter (or more yummy) than a stack of them topped with a candle?

3. Berry Trifle | This is a simple dessert that looks very impressive. Just be sure to make your own whipped cream - it makes all the difference here!

4. Champagne Cake Pops | I get that cake pops are sooo two years ago, but these are just too adorable not to try. Pop a bottle (or a pop!).

5. Milkshake 'Shots' | A glass rimmed with sprinkles? I'm in! 

What's your birthday dessert of choice? Do you stick with cake or go for something different? I'd love to know!

Until next time,

- B