What To Do When You Feel Blue

What To Do When You Feel Blue | Sundays and Somedays

Bad days happen to everyone. Whether it's something small that knocked you off center or things just haven't been going you way lately, it's no fun to feel down. As difficult as it may seem at the moment, you are the one that must get yourself out of the rut.

I've had my share of difficult times, but there are always a few go-to things that I can do to cheer myself up when I'm feeling blue. Sharing is caring, so here's my list!

Hug a loved one | Hug, cuddle, embrace. Literally leaning on someone I love does wonders and reminds me that I'm supported.

Pet a furry friend | Is there anything a boop from a cat can't solve?

Get some fresh air | I have a tendency to want to stay inside if I feel blue, but going for a walk can make a huge impact on my mood.

Write it down | Perhaps it's the planner in me, but if I write down what's on my mind, things seem immensely more manageable.

Listen to some happy tunes | Upbeat, positive music for an upbeat, positive outlook.

Give back | Few things feel better than helping to brighten another person's day.

Watch some mindless TV | I'm partial to Keeping up with the Kardashians. Hey, sometimes when I have a lot on my mind, watching mindless reality shows is just what I need.

Treat yourself | It doesn't have to be expensive, just something you love. Perhaps macarons?

Get some sleep | Wake up to a fresh perspective.

Laugh | It's as easy as entering a URL - I go here and here

Watch a girly movie | I love to indulge in my girly side for some lighthearted fun. Why not have some chocolate as well? Cliché, but whatever.

Buy yourself flowers | My favorites? White peonies, pink roses and fluffy hydrangea.

Exercise | Sweat away the stress.

Talk it out | Depending on what's got me down, I Facetime my family, text my friends or talk things out with my husband. Another person's advice and support can mean everything.

Until next time,

- B