A Signature Drink (or two!)

A Signature Drink (Or Two!) - Kir Royales and Aviations | Sundays and Somedays

James Bond takes a martini, shaken, and Don Draper prefers an old fashioned, but signature drinks shouldn't just belong to fictional characters. It's always good to have a drink of choice up your sleeve, whether you want to sound decisive at a swanky cocktail bar or simply would like a trademark libation to serve at parties. I have two - one to serve friends and the other to order when I go out.

A kir royale is simple, with just two ingredients - champagne and cassis. It's perfect to serve to guests (expected or not) as I nearly always have champagne (or at least a variety of sparkling wine) on hand and popping a bottle of bubbly can make any event feel infinitely more festive and fun.

The aviation is a bit more complicated, but oh so good. It consists of gin, creme de violette, maraschino liqueur and lemon juice. I actually don't like any of the ingredients on their own, but together they create a unexpectedly delicious purple concoction. I can be a bit of an aviation nerd at times (planes, not drinks!), so it's an easy name to remember if I'm at a loss for what to order when I'm out.

What's your signature drink? Or your favorite character's? I'd love to know!

Until next time,

- B