New Holiday Traditions

Mince pies at Christmas time!

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Where has the year gone - it's already December! But I'm okay with that, because it's one of my very favorite months of the year, mostly due to all the fun traditions that my family and I celebrate over the coming weeks!

Adding mince pies to our annual holiday traditions!

My family has quite a few holiday traditions - picking out a tree together, opening presents and playing a game of Risk on Christmas Eve, and baking our favorite nutmeg log cookies about every other day (because they're always getting eaten up!). This year, my husband and I moved to London, so I thought it would be fun to try some traditional British holiday activities! 

Looking festive in a red dress, holding a mince pie.

Since November, I've seen mince pies in just about every store and bakery (and remember them being eaten Harry Potter holiday scenes!), so I knew we had to try them! These little pastries are pretty good with their all butter dough and sweet (and subtly spiced) filling.

Grab a glass of sherry this holiday season!

What to have with the mince pies? How about sherry! Though it's traditionally a Spanish drink, it's been popular in England for hundreds of years, especially during the holiday season. It's certainly not a wine I would have regularly, but it's perfect for sipping or to have with dessert.

Opening up a Christmas cracker - a new tradition for this year!

Mince pies and sherry are fine, but I think my favorite British tradition has to be Christmas crackers! Each person gets their own and gets to keep the surprise held inside after pulling it apart (and hearing the loud pop!). I think this would be perfect after dinner to get everyone in the spirit for opening presents!

After moving to London, we're trying some new traditions this year, including Christmas crackers!

Who knows for sure if these will become part of our traditions for holidays to come, but it is certainly fun to try something new and celebrate the holidays in the way our new city does!

Until next time,

- B