10 Reasons I Love Blogging

Photo by Joe Galvin via  The Cambridge Satchel Company

The idea for this post was just a nice list of reasons why I love to work on this blog, but as I began writing, I realized that this little spot on the internet has really impacted my life in such a positive way. What began as a simple list, has inadvertently turned into a fairly personal post.

I hope that you finish this feeling like you know me a bit better and maybe feeling a bit inspired too. This little space of mine has benefitted me in more ways that I can list, but here are ten reasons why I love blogging.

Photo by Joe Galvin via The Cambridge Satchel Company

1 - It Gets Me to Explore London

There have been plenty of times where I've felt stuck in a loop (any Westworld fans out there?)—heading the same route to the station, revisiting a favorite restaurant again and again. Because it might get old to pose in front of the same pink house time and again, I'm always on the lookout for a new places to explore and I've found some incredible spots in the process.

Much of my exploring is in the name of a pretty photo and I find it fun to explore (and photograph) new to me places both around London and abroad. Seeing the city in a new light is always inspiring and if I end up with photos for a blog or Instagram post, that's an added bonus.

2 - It's A Way To Express My Thoughts

I don't tend to be one to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I find it hard (and a bit scary) to talk about how I'm really feeling out loud. It's so much easier for me to take a pause, gather my thoughts and then write them down.

Not only is it therapeutic to articulate what's in my mind, it's also a way of communicating to my friends and family (and well, the world)—whether it's talking about stress or what I happen to be doing with my life.

3 - I'm Constantly Learning New Skills

Photoshop. Lightroom. A little bit of HTML and CSS. Some Illustrator here and there. Photography. Not to mention so many more things I can now put on my resumé (and to good use). 

All these are skills I've taught myself in the name of continuously improving my blog. That's not to say I'm an expert in all of these areas, but seeing where I've started and where I am now makes me really proud. Picking these skills up isn't an overnight achievement. It takes time, dedication and a lot of YouTube videos (not to mention picking the brain of anyone who's got a tip or two to share), but the results are so worth the efforts!

4 - IT's Shaped MY Career

What I studied in college and what I'm working on now are worlds different. In my first job, I lived in Excel spreadsheets and worked in cubicles. The environment felt starchy, stale and uninspiring. I was really proud to be working at a company I admired, I was paid well and I was directly applying what I learned in school, but I knew I wanted (and needed) a change.

I started my blog shortly after I left the aforementioned job as a bit of a creative outlet.

Fast forward to our move to London, and it even helped me transition my day job. I began at Bloom & Wild (an online florist here in London) on the Operations side of things. My blog is a living resume—displaying skills I've learned on the side and, having seen this, I began to get more and more opportunities from the Brand team, which ultimately led to my working on that team in a much more creative role (even working behind the scenes on photoshoots). Since then, I've even had the opportunity to pose in a photoshoot for The Cambridge Satchel Company—these photos are from their spring campaign.

I'll always be a bit of a nerd who knows her way around a spreadsheet (or a content management system), but now I got to incorporate my more creative loves, like flowers and fashion into my day to day. Blogging feels like a perfect mix of my two worlds.

Without the blog, I think I may still be living in solely the world of data and spreadsheets, which just isn't the world for me.

Photo by Joe Galvin via  The Cambridge Satchel Company

5 - The People I Meet

Having moved around quite a bit—college in Arizona, followed by moves to Seattle, San Francisco and now London it's been challenging to make deep friendships, but blogging has helped.

People say that it's harder to make friends as an adult, but I've found the opposite to be true. Through blogging and Instagramming (and working in Social Media in my role at Bloom & Wild), I've met so many likeminded people who I've instantly connected with.

I've got friends who love a girl date, who chat brands, who love a photo walk, who get that you have to wait for a 'gram before drinking that coffee, who'll trek across the city for blooms, who share your passions and interests, and who are just plain nice.

Isn't it great when you meet people and you immediately just 'get' each other? Spending time with these friends (whether in person or messaging online) feels fulfilling and feeds my soul.

6 - It Helps My Anxiety 

I'll give an example: When I first started blogging, I was mortified of taking photos out in public. I'd awkwardly wait (sometimes for minutes) until an entire sidewalk was cleared so no one would see me posing. I'd worry what they'd think of me, if they'd give me an odd look or if they'd say something to me.

I love sharing my style and editing photos, so I kept forcing myself to do it. Yes, sometimes I look a bit crazy wearing a fancy outfit at 8:00 am just to catch the good light. But I just don't care any longer. Last week, Supal and I met up in a field of flowers first thing on a weekday morning. We did our thing. Passersby looked. Smiled. Even took some photos. But it didn't phase us.

You'd think having anxiety and having a blog would be a right awful combination.

There are some traps, to be sure. It can be easy to compare yourself to others. To worry that you're not good enough. To be afraid of taking photos in public. But you know what? I feel like blogging has taken my comfort zone and thrown it out the window, and that's such a good thing.

7 - It's a Creative OutleT That I Own

Here's the thing. When you work on a blog (assuming you run it solo), it's yours. I steer the Sundays and Somedays ship and I can take it in any direction I please and it's such an incredible (and fulfilling) feeling. 

8 - I Feel Comfortable In My Skin

Let's rewind to High School, shall we? I know, ugh.

I wore the same thing nearly every day: a North Face jacket and jeans. I wanted to fit in, but not stand out—drawing attention to myself just gave me nerves. I didn't want to do anything that might get me bothered or picked on.

Is that what I wanted to wear? Definitely not. I've always loved fashion—getting a magazine every time we went to the airport was such a treat. I loved looking at the pages and picking the pieces I'd buy and wear versus the ones I wouldn't. My blog's now a place where that interest comes to life.

Putting together outfits and sharing them is now a joy. Maybe it's that I'm around people who 'get' me, maybe I've just stopped caring about what people think, but it feels great to come into my own and share my sense of style. Not to mention the fact that this blogging community is so supportive, encouraging and inspiring. I love opening Instagram and seeing how others have styled outfits or what interesting pieces they've found!

9 - It's A Visual Diary

When we'd go to my grandparents' house growing up, the first things I did were either run to the kitchen to eat a marshmallow out of the cabinet (there was always a bag hidden away!) or go downstairs and grab the old family photo albums. I loved looking through them, seeing how everyone changed over the years.

Not many people print photos out anymore. Often times they just live on a camera roll on a phone or in a folder on the computer. With the blog, I get to document the places we go, the things I wear, and what I'm feeling. It's like the modern-day equivalent of having pictures organized neatly into a photo album.

Seeing old posts lets me re-live amazing moments that I've had and I get to share these moments with my family and friends who live across the globe.

10 - It's Fun

I love it. It puts a smile on my face. It's something I wake up wanting to work on. Need I say more?

Until next time,

- B

All photos by Joe Galvin via The Cambridge Satchel Company from their spring campaign that I got to model for! (but this post isn't sponsored, they've just kindly sent me the images to share)

Photo by Joe Galvin via  The Cambridge Satchel Company