Our Amsterdam Itinerary

We’ve just returned from the most magical long weekend in Amsterdam. I always say that I'll never love another city as much as London, but Amsterdam came oh so very close.

I'm happy to say that we were able to do everything on our list, plus find some unexpected gems along the way. Here's how we spent our long weekend in Amsterdam.

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What Do You Do, Again?

What do you do? Are you bored yet? When are you going to start looking for a job? Those are just a few of the (many) questions I've gotten since I decided to leave my full-time earlier this year. 

I’ve decided recently to really put effort into my blog to see where it goes. It’s scary - what will people think? Is my content good enough? Will anyone be reading?

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Pink House, Blue Bag

Few things make me happier than days spent in Notting Hill, in part because of the pastel townhomes that always put a smile on my face. As it was Easter, I also added to the pastel theme with the details of my outfit, and I of course had to snap some photos.


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Spring in My Step and on My Sleeve

It currently feels like winter, but looks like spring. Covered in blooms from head to toe, my outfit does quite literally look the like coming season but I'm still warm enough for the current chilly temperatures. This is how you do transitional dressing.