The Most Instagrammable Spots in Stockholm

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My Outfit

Pink Coat, Spotted Loafers, Ruffled Blouse, Leather Bucket Bag and Velvet Trousers c/o Boden | Gucci Sunglasses | (not seen, but under it all) Uniqlo Heatteach

In addition to my outfit, of course!

When we travel, we always create a map beforehand, listing all the places we’d like to visit. It’s incredibly helpful to group our activities by area so we can use our time in any given city more efficiently. But pins on a map don’t prepare you for how things will be once you’re in the country.

With our trip to Sweden, I was so pleasantly surprised by how beautiful everything was. Breakfast pastries in the most delicate shapes, underground stations made into works of art and hotels looking straight out of an old Hollywood film. So rather than sharing an itinerary listing each and every place we went, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share the places that stood out for their beauty.

Don’t they all make such a pretty picture?

And no speaking of Instagrammable spots would be complete without mentioning this outfit. The spotted shoes could not be more playful and perfect (and walkable) and I love the peek of polka dots in the lining of the pink coat.

Anyone else guilty of wearing the same outfit multiple days in a row? Cough. I am. During our trip to Sweden, I loved this outfit so much that I wore it two days in a row, during which time we visited all of these pretty places in Stockholm. I loved the velvet trousers as the thicker fabric kept me warm when the temperatures would drop at night (as did the Uniqlo Heattech that’s hiding underneath!).

The frilled blouse and tailored coat added just a touch of elegance for our dinners out while the spotted loafers made walking around all day an absolute breeze.

Scroll on for all the spots (outfit and otherwise!):

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One of my favorite ways to experience a new country or city is through their fashion. And what better place to do so than a grand department store? This one has a beautiful atrium in the center that’s just begging for a picture. Go up a couple of floors for the best vantage point. And if you’re a fan of Ganni like I am, they’ve got a huge selection here.

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Most Instagrammable Spots in Stockholm Sweden

This wasn’t on my radar until we walked past on our first day. I fell in love with the interiors with just a few glances through their windows. It’s Hollywood regency style through and through. We ended up coming back twice for drinks. Every inch of this place will make you want to take a photo, but I’m partial to the starry floors on the upstairs bar.

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If you live in London, chances are you’ve probably seen their Covent Garden location on Instagram. There are a few Fabrique locations in Stockholm and each is a little different. But there’s always a tray of freshly baked cardamom buns in the windows that are prime for a photo. Sit an enjoy one next to a candle and cut flowers in their cafe.

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Most Instagrammable Spots in Stockholm

This is most certainly the equivalent of Cafe Kitsuné in Paris. Good coffee (in an oh-so-Instagrammable cup). Perfect for a grab and go beverage to keep you warm while wandering the streets.

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I imagine the gardens are lush in the spring and summer, but in the winter head into the greenhouses. First have lunch and tea at the cafe (very much like Petersham Nurseries in Richmond) and marvel at the plants in the attached greenhouses afterwards. The displays of cut flowers were simple but stunning. Perfect for a rainy day too!

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Some are strange, some are breathtaking and they’re all worth a look. Each underground station in Stockholm is different and you’ll want to stay and wander around them a little rather than rushing on to the next destination. The blue cavernous station was my favorite, but each we visited was incredible in its own way.

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There are few things I love more than travel. To be able to visit new countries and find special spots in the process is something I’ll never take for granted. And wearing a pretty outfit while doing so? Icing on the cake.

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