Warby Parker: Review and Favorites

Whiteboards and glasses are very related for me. The first time I realized that maybe my vision wasn't perfect was in my high school calculus class. I was making silly errors because I couldn't read the letters and numbers my teacher wrote on the board. So, I got glasses.

Fast forward a few years and my work involves numbers and letters on a whiteboard. In a fast-paced environment, I don't exactly have the time to squint or walk over to get a closer look at the board. It was time for a new prescription (and of course I wanted some updated frames!).

I'm pretty picky when it comes to shopping and I wanted the perfect frames. I found some pretty Saint Laurent and Prada ones, but I couldn't stomach the $400-$500 price points. Then I found Warby Parker. While the selection has a definite hipster vibe (not generally my thing), I still found plenty of frames that fit my style and face. And the best part? Nearly all the frames (including prescription lenses) are $95. I found the in-store try-on and ordering process really smooth. Once ordered, my glasses arrived at my house in about a week. I'm lucky to live in a city with a physical Warby Parker store, but they also have a really awesome home try-on service.

While maybe someday I'll get my Saint Laurent glasses, I really could not be happier with my current frames (I chose the Finch style). I'm even considering getting another pair (see my favorites above!). These are well-made, good-fitting glasses at a great price and the customer service I received was easy (how often can you say that these days?). Good job, Warby Parker, good job!

- B