Alt Summit - What's In My Bag

Alt Summit - What's in my bag from Altitude Summit, including Minted business cards, Nars lip color and Le Specs sunglasses | Sundays and Somedays

This week, I'm so lucky to be attending my very first Alt Summit in Salt Lake City! Today is my first day of the conference, and being the type-A girl I am, I wanted to come prepared! The next few days are going to be full inspiration, fun, and maybe a bit of chaos too - so I wanted to make sure I'm ready for it all. Here's what I'll have on hand during my time at Alt:

Notebook and pen | Just glancing at the scheduled speakers, I know I'll want to be jotting down notes and ideas during all the sessions. Plus, an ink pen comes in handy for making notes on the back of business cards - perfect for jotting down notes about new friends.

Wallet | Not pictured, but always in my bag!

Tylenol and bandages | I certainly don't want a headache to get in the way of the fun times at Alt and since I'll be wearing some heels for various events, I want to be prepared for a potential blister or two!

Business cards | I've heard it's an Alt tradition to hand out and even collect other attendees' cards. I love the ones I have from Minted, and I expect that I'll need to order more once the conference comes to an end!

iPhone | A girl has to stay connected! Plus, I decided to leave my bulky camera at home, so this will be my way of documenting the week. Feel free to follow along on Instagram!

Lip gloss | Long days mean I’ll need to reapply, so my favorite colors will be living in my bag. I'm currently loving this Nars velvet matte lip pencil and Sonia Kashuks’s lip colors

Sunglasses | A constant in my bag, especially during the summertime! This pink pair from Le Specs (last seen here) will be perfect for the pink party on Thursday evening.

A printed conference itinerary | Maybe it's old-fashioned to want a paper copy, but like being able to glance at the schedule without having to pull out my phone - which I'll probably be using for a million other tasks at the same time!

Sparkly studs | There's usually a pair of earrings floating around in my bag, just in case I want to add a little sparkle to an outfit.

Hand sanitizer | While I'm so excited to be meeting so many other amazing bloggers and creatives, when hundreds of people are gathered together, it's probably likely that a bug or two might get passed around. I'd like to leave Alt with great memories and new friends, not a cold!

What are you brining to Alt? Or alt-ernatively (see what I did there?), what are the items that are always in your purse?

Until next time,

- B