Latest Obsessions

Latest Obsessions - February 2014 | Sundays and Somedays

A bold lip | Keira is pretty much my beauty icon, and this look certainly doesn't disappoint. A red pout is classic, timeless, and the perfect way to feel polished for an evening out.

Finding the perfect art for our walls | Last month was focused on finding new furniture. This month it's art. Perhaps next month will be accessories?

A fresh red manicure | A perfect post Valentine's Day treat.

The Flower Recipe Book | I am absolutely obsessed with this book (an anniversary gift from my husband)! The flowers, styling, and photography are stunning and make me want to run down the flower market immediately!

Lacy little things | I'm an advocate of having nice underthings as a basis for a wardrobe. Why not feel special underneath it all?

Valentino Rockstuds | So I've tried on a pair of Rockstud flats multiple times (did you know the Nordstrom in downtown San Francisco has a bar?). Oh how I want these shoes, but my fiscally responsible self just won't allow least not yet...

Planning our trip to London | Realizing that we have mere weeks until we go to London and Paris has me in full planning mode! I I've just about organized our entire trip down the the hour, but it's only because I want to get the most out of what these magical cities have to offer. 

Anything and everything from Rifle Paper Co. | This LA-based company has the cutest calendars, greeting cards, and art prints. I'm particularly drawn to their collaboration with Garance Doré. Everything is très chic!

Chanel Couture | Always a favorite, season after season. The floral details in so many of the looks were right up my alley. 

Revisiting a red lace dress that's been hiding in my closet | If February were a color, it would be red. Every time the month comes around, I reach for my red pieces. Wearing an actual color is a nice change from my typically neutral wardrobe. This dress is perfect for a date night with my valentine. 

David Austin roses | Perhaps I've been watching too much Downton Abbey, but I have a recurring daydream that I'm living in the English countryside, tending to my rose garden by day and engaging in witty conversation come dinnertime. And the roses in my dream garden? They're all David Austins. 

- B